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West Coast Trikes
Captain Richards Best

The is so quick and easy to use you will love it. If you are waxing your vehicle you are basically wasting your time, because wax does not last. Wax is abrasive and will give you swirl marks in your clearcoat. Waxing is old technology like the horse and buggy.

With Captain Richards Best, just apply a small amount to a damp cloth or chamois and wipe over the surface to remove the dirt and grime and immediately buff with a cotton cloth to an incredible shine. You don't have to wash first and no more waxing. No more picking wax out of the cracks for months. You can do your car or bike from front to back inside and out on any smooth polishable surface. Carry a small amount with you in your glove box or on your motorcycle and always keep your machine looking showroom perfect and beautiful. No more buckets, hoses or sponges. No more scratches and swirls, and again no more waxing.

I like to take a personal approach when describing one of my products. One of my vehicles is a ten year old explorer and when I started using Captain Richards Best, on it I could not believe what happened to the finish. It looked showroom beautiful!

It took most of the swirls out of the finish and removed small scratches, most of which I got from the sponges I used to wash the car, car washes and waxes. Use it on wheels to remove brake dust, and on the chrome, which makes it absolutely beautiful! I used it on my windows which became perfectly clear and because there is no ammonia in Captain Richards Best, it is safe for tinted glass, and lexan windshields. I used it on my dash board where it cleaned it and left no greasy after feel like some products. If you have a convertible or a boat Captain Richards Best, will make your plastic windows perfectly clear. There is no build up and you can use it on rubber around windows and literally any part of the vehicle. The greatest part is you do not have to wash your car first, you can clean and polish without soap and water. When you apply Captain Richards Best, to the finish of your car it is designed to remove the dirt and enable you to immediately buff to an incredible long lasting shine. Your vehicle will look like it came out of the showroom. Captain Richards Best, emulsifies, and encapsulates the dirt, and if you are in the autobody business you know what that means, and it's a good thing. It renders the dirt harmless.

Captain Richards Best, will actually help lessen the number of swirl marks from your paint job. If you're like I am, and you like your vehicle looking good, the BOM is the answer to your quest for the perfect cleaner and polisher. No more picking wax out of the cracks for months. No more looking for something to clean your windows, chrome, wheels or interior. Captain Richards Best, will do it all,. And I guarantee it. If you are not completely satisfied I will gladly refund your money. With all the products on the market, what do you use? Easy, You use Captain Richards Best. If you have a motorcycle and you use Captain Richards Best, on your tank you will not believe the shine you get.

If you have a dark colored tank your paint will look a foot deeper and you will immediately notice some of the swirls disappear. I have done many bikes where people did not know they have metal flake in their paint, and Captain Richards Best, will take bugs right off your windshield, and give you a view you will not believe, and at the same time take some of the swirls out. Captain Richards Best, will not harm your lexan or Plexiglas. NO AMMONIA .