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West Coast Trikes
Combination of 4 LED Pod and 3 LED Pod Motorcycle Lights
These New and Improved units feature a
Brighter More Consistent Light And Pattern
(no wimpy output, or dark circles like so many lights sold today)

Extreme 6-Pods: We now offer 6 LED Extreme Pod Lights with 50% more light output than the standard 4 LED Pod Lights.

These units are far and away the Brightest LEDs we have ever seen. Unlike all the current LED units sold that only have 4-8 inches of wire coming out of them.
These units feature an Industry First, 36" Pre-leaded Design.

Each light comes with a 3 Foot Black Sheath Lead Attached
Saving you countless hours having to extend the lead to a usable length.
This design makes for a Much Easier And Cleaner Installation on your bike.

Inconsistent Pattern
Narrow Coverage
Hot Spots
Lower Light Output
1 Year Warranty
4" Leads
Holes in Case
Wires Exit Bottom Creating Lump
Custom Dynamics®
Consistent Pattern
Wider Coverage
Even Distribution of Light
Higher Light Output
Life Time Warranty***
36" Leads
Smooth Case Design
Wires Exit Side for Better Mounting